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Welcome to Guitar Legends!

This site was concieved and designed from visiting multiple pages throughout the years and wanting to host my own review site of some of the greatest players of all time. Not just from one song or riff but by their whole catalog in perspective looking back and forward through the proverbial dual view mirror. I also wanted it to be a place you could get News, Playing Styles, Gear that was used and Recording Techniques. I hope you enjoy it and help add content as we move along.

Initial Build Out of the site..

Lots of things will change with the site so be patient. I want to set up a forum to have immediate conversations so i'm looking for a framed forum with the topics on the left and content on the right. let me know if you have any tips.

As I do the work in the background, The first order of business is to get a logo! So i'm having a Logo Contest and the winner will recieve $50.00 for an original, well designed logo. I would like something of a Mascot to use for the theme of the site and for future use elsewhere. So, get busy and Email Me!

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One of the most recognized guitars in the world, The Flying V. Visit The Gear Section for more info.

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